"grimm...writes electric lyrics by turns gloriously polemical and profane"
- Playback St. Louis

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Grimm Tidings

Before you go any further, maybe you came here looking to buy our records and would like to be spared introductory yammering. If so, head over to CDBaby and grab disc now.

MATTHEW GRIMM & THE RED SMEAR: The Ghost of Rock & Roll

ALSO, if the term is even relevant to you anymore, maybe be our MYSPACE PAL. You can listen to our stuff there, and we can "friend" each other because "friend" is now a verb!

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Anyways, welcome to the website of Matthew Grimm & the Red Smear, the Iowa City, Iowa-based band that both loves you and understands that you may need some time before that sentiment is reciprocal.

We're a consortium of musicians fronted by the once-renowned drunk Matthew Grimm, frontman of the quasi-legendary New York band The Hangdogs. We play both original songs, a few of them a bit blue here and there just for fun, as well as a blistering rep of PG-rated cover songs to perk up even the dullest party or bat mitvah. We like walks in the rain and Futurama. And chicken wings. The kind that make your head feel like it's gonna explode.

You can hear some of our stuff at the myspace page, which is probably the only point to this stupid page anymore, right? as well as some live bootleg tracks here on the website on our FREE SHIT page!

Or go to one of those website widget things we were talking about above. Or hell, just blow us off and watch Adult Swim. That's what we do mostly.

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